General roundup, late February 2022

Part of the reason my blogging is, um, let’s be charitable and say “intermittent” is that I have such a backlog of things to watch and read and listen to and play that it’s hard to justify spending time writing about the things I’ve actually managed to watch and read and so on. Here, inContinue reading “General roundup, late February 2022”

Reading list, 2021

I read 91 books in 2021. An asterisk means I was rereading something. January 1. Garth Greenwell, Cleanness 2. Thomas Rid, Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare 3. James Swallow, Star Trek: Picard: The Dark Veil 4. Bernardine Evaristo, Girl, Woman, Other 5. Jonathan Metzl, Dying of Whiteness 6. John Gaskin,Continue reading “Reading list, 2021”

Book Notes: A Ladder to the Sky

I’m a compulsive buyer of bargain-priced e-books; if I did nothing else with my free time I might possibly be able to keep up with my purchases, but since I also watch TV and play video games I’ve more or less had to accept that collecting books and reading them are fundamentally unrelated habits. PartContinue reading “Book Notes: A Ladder to the Sky”

Book Notes: Pre-Posthumous Joan Didion

I’m never quite sure whether to regret that Joan Didion stopped producing new work before the rise of Donald Trump. It would be easy to say that in times like these the need for her incisive insight is greater than ever, but I don’t know that that’s true. When things get terrible, it’s obvious thatContinue reading “Book Notes: Pre-Posthumous Joan Didion”

Book Notes: The Angel of the Crows

This morning I finished Sarah Monette’s latest novel, the second published under the pseudonym Katherine Addison. I still haven’t read the first, The Goblin Emperor, but I’m a great admirer of the The Doctrine of Labyrinths, an epic fantasy series published under her own name that’s as much about the mental traumas of its half-brotherContinue reading “Book Notes: The Angel of the Crows”

Big Finish in Brief: Torchwood Soho and Blood on Santa’s Claw

One of the ways Big Finish has worked around availability issues with the main cast of TV Torchwood is by elaborating on the Institute’s history, from its founding by Queen Victoria to an American outpost in the 1970s to the last hurrah of Torchwood One under Yvonne Hartman. Perhaps the most prominent addition, though, isContinue reading “Big Finish in Brief: Torchwood Soho and Blood on Santa’s Claw”

Nobody Knows Anything

I never watch the party conventions. I don’t pay attention to political speeches even when they’re of potential historical significance (my high school American history teacher frowned at us when no one in the class had watched Bush’s speech announcing the Iraq War, but I was and am unrepentant), so I’m certainly not going toContinue reading “Nobody Knows Anything”